Christmas Uncut – Carl Laferton

Christmas Uncut presents a less sugar-coated version of the Christmas story than we might normally see or hear, explaining what actually happened when Jesus was born and the true implications. And in doing so it brings the Gospel message very clearly to the reader.

I have been a Christian for about 30 years, but still learn new things all the time. This book pointed out something I don’t think I had realised fully before. That is that when Jesus died on the cross, the eventual outcome of the Christmas story, that God, His Father, was angry. But not angry at those who put Jesus to death, or at us whose sin ultimately put Him there. But the anger was put upon Jesus. Jesus had to carry that anger, along with everything else, so that we don’t have to. I found that quite a sobering, especially as a father.

And so thoughts like this do start to cut through the glitter and tinsel, to explain the “why” – why Jesus came to live on earth as we remind ourselves of every Christmas time.

This is a short, punchy explanation, ideal to use as a Church resource to giveaway in the build up to Christmas to those you may invite along to a Christmas service, especially for people who may be searching for a deeper understanding or looking into the Christian faith for the first time.

Christmas Uncut, by Carl Laferton, is available here.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, but was under no pressure to provide a favourable review.