Untaken – C O Wyler

Untaken is a bit quirky, written as an internal monologue which in fact really offers a deep insight into the characters emotions, thoughts and inner voice. You feel you really get under veneer to understand the true character. Actually a much truer insight than usual.

The book deals with some quite challenging issues – belief, relationships, unexpected pregnancy and the decisions it creates. Then the consequences of the rapture … believers and children (including the unborn), being instantaneously taken, leaving what the world sees as loss, tragedy, death and disaster. At times the descriptions are realistic, not sugar coated, but always decent.

What follows is confusion and searching for an explanation. With all believers gone, the explanations from science, logic and conspiracy theories come thick and fast with none of them really making sense. It is quite disturbing to observe the chaos, fear, denial and ignorance.

It is interesting to consider that, whereas the world view of the rapture and its consequences are as loss and disaster, the believers view has to be the opposite. It is the next phase in what was promised in the scriptures. It should not be a surprise or unexpected.

The author is clever at weaving into the story some of the Biblical promises and prophecies about the end times, which help to frame all that is happening.

It is also an interesting observation as to how rapidly the world may fall into chaos and despair, as the face of God turns away and with it goes protection, hope and kindness. Our main character is opinionated and clearly an unbeliever or at best a sceptic. As the realisation begins to take hold as to what may have occurred in the rapture, the denial becomes more entrenched.

This book is designed to make you think, and it really does. The reader can’t help but consider their own situation and beliefs. The “how”, “what” and “when” of the rapture may be informed speculation, but the implications are clear.

It is a fascinating story that should encourage believers to be more ready, and perhaps encourage non-believers to think a little further.

Untaken, by C O Wyler, is available here.

Thanks to the author, via Interviews and Reviews, for a gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.