The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist – Rico Tice

This is just a short book presenting the gospel, the greatest story ever told, in which Jesus is the bringer of hope, peace, purpose and confidence … and there could be no better Christmas list to make our lives complete.

It is an ideal gift for someone who is searching, perhaps a stocking filler for a loved one or a giveaway at a church Christmas service.

It clearly shows Rico Tice’s heart as an evangelist … the intent being to simply communicate the good news that the birth of Jesus means, and bring the reader close to faith. To know a truer meaning of Christmas than the one we often hear of.

Rico uses various Bible stories to show us who Jesus is and why He can be relied on to bring us hope, the hope that is embodied by Christmas time.

It sets out the full extent of what Jesus achieved for us, through his life and death. It tells us why He came, lived and died and this is what we remember at Christmas time.

It is accessible and real, understanding the sort of life pressures that people deal with, the reasons why they may need to know the true depth of meaning of Christmas, and it highlights that faith in Christ is a way to see past it all.

It is well structured, linking the Old Testament prophecies from Isaiah to the New Testament fulfilment of them in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist, by Rico Tice, is available here.

Thank you to The Good Book Company for the gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.