Northern Soul : Football, Punk, Jesus – David O’Brien

It was the book title that grabbed me for this one. You just know it is going to be an unusual and fascinating story, and it does not disappoint.

Many would rightly see David’s background as difficult, raw or tough, but it was interesting to read that within the chaos there was a security and a moral code, that may have been misguided in some aspects, but it was a foundation that could be built on.

Within this environment, it was great to read about the miraculous way that God called him. He was determined not to let him get away. David’s reaction to His calling was honest, knowing that it was true and real, but not knowing at all how to move forward with it.

In fact, it is an interesting lesson for us all to learn from. To ensure we nurture and support everyone when they first come to faith. It is when they are at their most vulnerable and they deserve to be fully supported, not to be just left to their own devices. Every new believer needs to be embraced, welcomed, supported and encouraged. If faith is transforming (and in David’s case it was such an amazing change that it created a crisis point for him), then we need to be aware that change and transformation can be painful and lonely. So, support is needed.

This book is a lovely honest account of David’s transformation. It does rush through at quite a pace, and I would have loved to read more detail, but what it does have offers a great insight into his life and I am grateful that he has shared his special story.

Northern Soul : Football, Punk Jesus, by David O’Brien, is available here.