The Camera Never Lies – David Rawlings

Truth can often be a rarity… real truth and honesty, especially in a family that is heading rapidly towards a cliff edge of being totally dysfunctional. They are not talking to each other, ignoring obvious signs of unhappiness, burying issues, carrying secrets and not communicating. A perfect storm in which to introduce a mechanism that exposes raw truths.

This camera really never lies. When it is inherited and introduced to this setting, it records so much more than a facsimile image. It sees through the facades to display the truth, revealing secrets that risk exposing their true feelings, thoughts and intentions.

This novel is so well written. There is great observational writing, not dissimilar to how a good stand-up comedian observes the world around them… full of insight, a lot of irony and humour. Plus there is a strong hint of the story being a parable. It is a fabulous creative idea for a story, to show us the importance of truth, and expose the many ways that we treat it, handle it and avoid it.

The characters are faced with their lives being challenged by supernatural events and supernatural wisdom. David writes them with obvious and normal human flaws, doubts and uncertainties, in ways that the reader can probably relate to. We are all guilty to some degree of living a life with secrets, hidden areas from all prying eyes or judgments, and this will get the reader thinking about what the camera would expose if they were the subject. Would it result in the same confusion, miscommunication and paranoia, or would I sail through unscathed?! If we are to be truthful, we know the answer!

It is a fascinating creative concept of how the truth can be more powerful than anyone ever imagined. It is revealing in a way that makes you vulnerable.

The words of Jesus from John 8:32 “… you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” are no doubt an inspiration for the book, but it becomes a study of the depth of these words. How we habitually avoid, corrupt and mis-use the truth for our own selfish ambitions, and how in fact if truth, honesty and integrity is respected and honoured, then it really can bring the promised freedom.

The Camera Never Lies , by David Rawlings, is available here.