Long Way Gone – Charles Martin

This novel is engaging from the offset as we begin a journey of discovering the main character’s fascinating back story.

It is a loose reworking if the story of the Prodigal Son, through the eyes of the son who is the most amazing character. The book has music, and worship, at its heart so songs are interwoven through the text as a score. His journey of discovery brings him to a place where he knows that the heart and purpose of his music is to worship.

He has a life of adventure, poor decisions and tragedy, that makes for a great tale to tell. A tale in which many truths are learned the hard way. Over-arching his story is that of his father, showing a father’s love so profound and powerful that nothing would sway him from loving his son.

Ultimately the story ends in repentance, redemption, healing of the body, soul and spirit, which is exactly what happens when you turn back to the Father.

It is a beautiful story, with the essence of the Biblical parable at its core.

The writing is moving and emotional, engaging the reader fully in the story. Especially touching are the descriptions of how music works to reach parts of our soul and spirit that words often cannot.

Long Way Gone, by Charles Martin, is available here.