Do Dogs Go To Heaven? – Nev Green and Mark Stibbe

Losing a dog, an ever-faithful friend who has offered so much unconditional love, is a trauma I fear having to face. Bruno, our 10 year old black Labrador (could not resist including a photo of him here!), has brought immeasurable pleasure, comfort, joy and fun to our family. He is still with us and aging well, but the time will come.

The discussion between Nev and Mark in this book addresses so many of the issues wrapped up in our relationship with dogs, scaffolded by a firm Christian faith. It is a touching and honest exchange between two men whose experience of losing loved dogs is a painful one. But they delve into the experience and glean such profound truths of faith and life, as well as many lovely anecdotes.

It is a touching, beautiful conversation between two informed, educated and wise men, who are also romantic, sentimental and close to their own emotions. I shed quite a few tears when reading this and no doubt will again when I have to face the situation for myself.

Dogs are put on earth for a reason. For us to relate to, to learn from, for our healing and comfort. To ground us. I often think that there is something in that commonly held belief that people look like their dogs. In fact I think it is more profound than that – I think that dogs pick up all sorts of behavioural traits from their owners which means they become more like us as time goes on. As Neville points out, this is similar to how we grow into our relationship with Christ, to become more like Him as our relationship deepens.

The conversation meanders through a maze of other theological ideas and it is fascinating to observe, especially the thoughts about creation. It shows significant depth of thought which will speak to many and may bring readers closer to Christ for the first time as they hear the Gospel. And believers will grow in their relationship with their Father.

I am reminded of a very memorable talk I heard when attending the New Wine summer conference seven or eight years ago, given by Kenny Borthwick. He was encouraging us to “be more dog”. Look it up if you can. It is really quite special.

This book is written from a place of humility, the authors knowing that they don’t have all the answers, but they are well informed and have thought through the issues and ideas that lead them to a place of belief.

Thank you for sharing these conversations. They help. I feel a little more prepared now.

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?, by Nev Green and Mark Stibbe, is available here.

Thanks to LoveBookTours for my gifted advance copy in exchange for an honest review.