The Wonders of Creation – Kristen Page

The Wonders of Creation is a set of three essays exploring our attitudes to creation through the consideration of imagined worlds, namely those created by Christian authors CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien.

These imagined worlds may seem fanciful when compared to our world, although it had me thinking whether the inhabitants of Narnia or Middle Earth may well feel the same about parts of our amazing world ! But when we read about these worlds, it does trigger our sense of wonder, that can in turn bring us into a place of observing our own environment with fresh eyes.

The final essay, which focused on the importance if wonder, is especially of interest. It shows that an attitude of wonder and awe for creation will lead us to knowing our place in it, understanding its purpose and developing in us a healthy attitude to protecting and caring for the created world. The response to this should be for us to be more concerned to care for the creation around us, to steward our world better and perhaps even begin to worship its Creator.

Each of the three essays has a written response from three different contributors, offering a helpful insight into how we may respond, whether in attitudes or actions.

We have an infinitely creative God, and we, made in His image, are blessed with the gift of imagination. As authors, artists, poets, dancers, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs or whatever outlet we have for this creativity, we can use this gift to reflect something of the glory of God. Knowing that whatever we can imagine and wonder at about God’s creativity here, is likely to surpass our imaginations when we see His creativity in heaven.

The Wonders of Creation, by Kristen Page, is available here.

Thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.