His Grace Is Enough – Melissa Kruger

I do love a rhyming book like this, exposing children to the joys of language, as well as providing readers with some memorable verses. This book addresses the challenges to children of what to do and how to react when we get things wrong. That despite our own efforts sometimes to put things right, we can’t really do that properly. We simply need to know that God’s grace is enough for all of us. In fact it is not just children who need to know about this!

This is a lovely book to read to children, to explain to them that making a mistake or doing something wrong, is always forgivable and to help explain the Gospel message … and it has a really cute ending too!

Each page is accompanied by lovely illustrations from Isobel Lundie, that help to explain the verse and bring the message to life.

His Grace Is Enough, by Melissa Kruger, is available here.

I received an advance complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, but was under no pressure to provide a favourable review.