Friend of God – Rachel Yarworth

In a good autobiography, an honest one, the reader can glean insights and wisdoms from the writer’s life story. And this is an honest one.

It is well written, sets a good pace and offers the reader a window into Rachel’s life, the ups and downs but most importantly the one constant in her life that carried her through. She had an encounter with God at an early age, and she has kept Him close pretty much every step of the way.

It is a beautiful story showing how God cares about each of us and wants us to live in relationship with Him. It is not about rules or deeds but about keeping Him close.

At times this is a very personal account, voicing the realities of a life of faith, including all the doubts. But most of all it shouts loudly about how a life led by faith can be an awesome adventure of blessings, given and received.

The tag line of this book is “the miraculous life of an ordinary person”. We may all feel that to some degree we are just ordinary folks, without much to make us exceptional. But the point is that the miraculous can and does break out into the lives of the “ordinary”. We can all live a life that is blessed and touched by God.

I often stand on is the truth that everyone has a story. The story of what they have experienced to form them into the person they are now. It helps to fuel our empathy when we have to deal with those people who we may find to be more challenging! But it also shows how each of us are unique, special if you like. This is why it is so important that stories like Rachel’s are told, so we can understand and learn, to encourage us to know that our own stories are also valuable.

I have a feeling that Rachel’s adventure will still have many more tales to tell.

Friend of God, by Rachel Yarworth, is available here.

Thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.