Dawn – Mark Miller

This is a detailed, hour by hour account, of all that happened from Jesus’s death on the cross to his Resurrection, taking its cues from the biblical accounts and lining them up in chronological order.

The forensic like research that has gone into this book means it is packed with details that bring the story alive. The geography, religious practices, customs and politics are all well explained, offering excellent context to the biblical accounts.

Coupled with good writing, it all comes together to paint a picture from the crucifixion of Jesus, His Resurrection and the days following. Much of it is told through the eyes of the five women who were the key witnesses to the Resurrection, but it also offers a thought-provoking view of all the protagonists – Jesus’s family and the disciples – showing how they all may have felt and what they may have thought during those perhaps confusing, but all-important days.

The narrative recounts, in chronological order, the appearances of Jesus after he died. In the biblical accounts these are often easy to read quickly and their impact not necessarily always fully understood. But when presented in this way, with a bit of detail and reactions from the witnesses, they become truly impactful. The power of their meaning becomes heightened.

For anyone who may doubt the Resurrection or its centrality to the Christian faith, then it may be worth putting this book in front of them.

The second part of the book includes an “as written” account of the same time-line to offer an un-elaborated reading, using much of the Gospel accounts as they are. For complete integrity it highlights any additional words used, but there are very few and only really to help link the texts and improve readability. A great study resource to bring context to the narrative.

The third part of the book is the author’s notes, discoveries and observations on what he has created, which indicates a true heart to not mislead the readers and be true to the biblical messages, especially around the timing of events. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the practical questions and theological issues, to gain a deeper understanding of the facts surrounding the accounts and a detailed look at all of the characters.

It is perhaps a hybrid genre … part biblical fiction part Bible study. In fact a great combination, offering a well-written story with plenty of context and detail to bring it to life, alongside plenty of factual information to back up the writing.

Dawn, by Mark Miller, is available here.

Thanks to the publisher, via BookSirens, for a copy in exchange for an honest review.