Forgotten Followers – Elaine Ricker Kelly

The focus of this book is to paint a picture of Biblical times through the eyes of a few of the key women around Jesus. Some are known about and mentioned briefly in the Bible and some may be unknown by name.

They were eyewitnesses to His teaching and miracles, His crucifixion, death and resurrection. And despite their standing in society at that time, God used these women as the first eyewitnesses of the resurrection, the most fundamentally central component of our faith in Jesus.

The author has deeply researched the history and culture to support the stories, offering flavour and context to some of the key events of the Gospels. It is very much a view of the teachings of Jesus from the point of view of the women, and fascinating to see how the societal norms were challenged, how they came to a realisation that they were equals with men before God.

Jesus empowered the women of the day in the same way that He does today. He broke down barriers so that women could be followers of Christ, that fundamentally challenged the law and the culture. As the women discussed Jesus’s teaching it was fascinating to see how the truths formed new ways of thinking for them and became liberating for these women. The truth set them free.

The writing shows the deep importance that people of the time held for their history and it’s impact on the culture of the region. They had a real sense of their place in it all.

The book closely follows the biblical accounts from the Gospels, highlighting especially Jesus’s teaching and showing its impact on the women. It addresses the doubts and fears of Joanna, a Hellenic Jew, and ultimately her acceptance into the faith and God’s kingdom.

All the women in the book, as followers of Jesus and witnesses to his Resurrection, found freedom, healing and release. They were empowered to serve Jesus wholeheartedly.

Forgotten Followers, by Elaine Ricker Kelly, is available here.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, but was under no pressure to provide a favourable review.