Standing In The Storm – Matt McChlery

Matt has quite some story to tell, and he lays it out in this new book that is clearly written and easy to read … although that does not necessarily make it easy reading. The sort of challenges he has had to face over a short period of time, would have broken many people, but here we learn about how his faith has stood him up so strongly to face it head on.

It is helpful and of interest to read about childhood in Zimbabwe and his journey into faith at boarding school. It is good scene setting, building an open and honest picture of who Matt is, his background, his motivations and his faith.

The book has many life lessons for us to learn, on how to deal with the major ups and downs, whilst maintaining a strong and solid faith. He shows honesty and integrity in stating how he is tested and that the Christian faith in no way promises an easy life. But it is how you face the trials is telling… and Matt seems to set a great example of how to keep God at the centre. This is why when something major comes along, like a cancer diagnosis, that could derail lives, Matt can stand fast, holding on to that well known verse from Ephesians 6v13 “…so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”

Throughout the book Matt, and his family, show a maturity of faith that is real and lived. Not just head knowledge, or vague belief, but tangible.

Hence from the book, the reader can glean a lot of foundational teaching, for example on subjects like faith and trust, being all the more powerful as they are born out of challenging life situations.

In just a year or two, Matt and his family walked through some major ups and downs, more than most would face in a decade or two. Life was an emotional roller-coaster, which he faced with strength and maturity, and with God as a partner in it all, thereby growing and learning and standing strong. A model for us to follow and a model which allows space for the miraculous to happen.

The details of cancer treatments are sometimes difficult to read, but really helpful for those with no knowledge of such things. It is helpful to know what others are going through when they opt for such treatments.

Matt comes across as a down-to-earth person, easy to relate to, who was faced with extraordinary circumstances. The way he handles them leads him to come out the other end stronger, an inspiration to all of us.

Standing In The Storm, by Matt McChlery, is available here.

I received an advance complimentary copy of this book from the author, but was under no pressure to provide a favourable review.