A Call to the Life of the Kingdom – Mark D Hampton

This one is a really interesting idea for a devotional, taking all 111 verses of the Sermon on the Mount and creating a daily devotional from each verse.

They are the words of Jesus that we may be very familiar with, perhaps too familiar to a point where they have lost their meaning. This will revive the words in your heart.

If you follow the suggested pattern of reading it will give you a thorough understanding of the passage, and the teachings of Jesus, especially if you follow the suggestion of memorising it too.

Taking up just a few minutes each day, Mark has managed to distil the teaching effectively into short sessions, written by a man who has clearly meditated on this section of scripture, knows it intimately and can explain the precious words in a way that can apply them to our lives.

It is full of good, sound teaching and will be helpful in getting the true meaning out of the passages. There are questions at the end of each section that will prompt you to apply the teaching and live it out, to live more in the Kingdom.

For me it highlighted the breadth and depth of truth that there is in the Sermon on the Mount and how much life giving teaching it contains, to really help us live a kingdom focused life.

A Call to the Life of the Kingdom, by Mark D Hampton, is available here.

Thank you to the publisher for the gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.