Those Who Show Up – Andy Flannagan

At different times in my life, at local and national elections, I have voted for all three main UK political parties as well as independent candidates. I have always found it easier to vote for the person, their character or integrity, rather than partisan party politics.

And like many people, I have regularly complained about the lack of good leaders, the state of politics, the lack of integrity or honesty and the seemingly corrupt nature that power has on some politicians, whilst never being willing to step in myself and do anything about it. But, I have always found myself saying how much better it would be to have Christians in those positions of influence and power. To have our lawmakers carrying out the task with a Christian influence and foundation.

Andy addresses these issues in a very logical, non-confrontational way, showing the importance of people like me and you getting involved at all levels, local and national. Especially important in what is looking likely to be an election year in the UK and the US.

He highlights that much of what goes on in the political arena is in fact carried out by ordinary people who just want to make a difference to their society, which pretty much mirrors some of the fundamental principles of Christianity.

His points are backed up with Scripture, as well as plenty of examples of people who live out their faith in serving their community at different levels. People of faith who have got involved and made a significant impact on their communities.

If you are interested in politics, especially if you feel called to engage in political spheres of any level, then please do read this book. It will encourage you to follow your calling and offer some truly sound advice in how to go about it in the right way. In fact, even if you are not a Christian, Andy’s advice will still serve you very well through a career in politics at any level.

Andy is humble in his writing, making the topic accessible and approachable. He writes with great wisdom. His purpose is to encourage, which he does well … he has certainly made me think. There is a whole political mission filled out there that needs all our support.

Those Who Show Up, by Andy Flannagan, is available here.