The Artist’s Page – Debra Rufini

For all creatives, whether artists, writers or performers, it is so encouraging to have others adore our works. It may not be the reason why we do it, but a good review or a positive comment encourages us no end.

When we pour out all we have into our creations, it is respectful that others would look over our shoulder and appreciate the workmanship, skills and pure hard work that has gone into it.

The picture here of course is of our reaction to God’s creation – the world we live in has been made out of love, but is often ignored, abused or neglected. The works of art considered to have been created by accident. The intricate beauty and details can be overlooked.

Written as a poem, the short story flows nicely as it meanders through the lovely illustrations. It is a sweet and poignant read.

The Artist’s Page, by Debra Rufini, is available here.

Thanks to the publisher, via BookSirens, for a copy in exchange for an honest review.