Light Through the Cracks – Joanna Watson

Light Through the Cracks is a compilation of ten true stories, from ordinary people who have seen the miraculous touch of God working through the circumstances of their lives. Healings that cannot be explained by medics, beating the slim odds of survival and timely provision are all a part of these amazing stories.

Joanna Watson writes from personal experience, with the first chapter featuring her own story of being involved in a serious road accident. And what follows is a series of inspiring testimonies to the miraculous work of God. Often in response to prayer, but not always, He breaks into people’s lives at times of crisis, and manipulates events and nature to bring healing and salvation. Each story is a great witness to the goodness of God.

I do like the fact that these stories are so well written. They are not embellished or exaggerated, but written with context and reality, detail and description that allows the reader to feel a part of each story. It shows that Joanna has carefully researched and checked each story, then presented them in an appropriate way. It is also real, in that not all of them have what you might consider a “happy ending”. Be prepared for quite a few tears – of sorrow as well as joy.

One striking thread that runs through many of the ten stories is the imperative to pray. In times of trouble, be it accidents or illness, the call to pray, to seek God’s will in each situation, led these people to a place where the miraculous could break in. But even more important is that prayer allowed the peace if God to invade. That peace which is a comfort, a reassurance and in itself is miraculous in the very challenging circumstances.

This is a really uplifting read, encouraging and faith building and it is exciting to know that there may be more editions to come in the future.

Light Through the Cracks, by Joanna Watson, is available here.