Amazing – Simon Ponsonby

I have never been a big fan of poetry. I studied it a long time ago at school but was never very inspired by it. It has always seemed a bit cryptic, hard work and something I keep telling myself I will eventually get to and fully appreciate when I retire!

But I picked up a copy Amazing, by Simon Ponsonby, partly as I know Simon’s writing and preaching, but also it is such a beautifully produced little book, which really drew me to it (the picture does not do it justice … imagine hardback covers, square shaped, subtle titling, gold embossing front and back, 3 colour printing inside on a heavy parchment type paper stock, with artistic use of fonts and moody images to accompany the words – in itself a work of art).

The poem, a poetic love-letter to us detailing the “amazingness” of Jesus, is accessible and profoundly meaningful. Simon’s words are beautifully chosen, as he speaks scriptural truths over the reader, covering off the nature of Jesus, his ministry and all that He has done for us. Our response to reading it can only be one of thankfulness.

And it also shatters another myth from my schooldays, when I was taught never to start a sentence with the word “and”. Well, thankfully this poem has healed me of that one !

It is such lovely read, gentle and affirming, healing and comforting. And yes, it is “amazing”!

It has become a treasured possession, taking pride of place next to my reading chair, picked up from time to time to remind myself of the wonders of Jesus.

Amazing, by Simon Ponsonby, is available here.