Eye Can Write – Jonathan Bryan

Every so often a book comes along that is truly astonishing. This is one of them.

The introduction, written by Jonathan’s mum, shows the medical problems that challenged Jonathan’s early years, many times coming close to dying. His mum and dad faced them with a strong faith, a dose of humour and an unending love, that carries them all through. There is an intense determination inherent in the whole family. Reading the introduction it is also clear where Jonathan got his flair for writing from.

The fact that a 12 year old boy has written a book would astound many. That he has broken through the cerebral palsy, found his own methods of communicating and writing, that he has not been held back by the challenges to create such an eloquently written account, all make it even more impressive. It is profoundly humbling.

Jonathan has the skill of astute observation, he writes with humour and poignancy. And what an imagination! It makes me wonder if there is some great fiction formulating in his mind that we may get to read one day.

At the heart of his story, central to his very essence, is his faith. Poetically described, the precious proximity of Jesus is a clear strength, one that is inspirational to him but also to the reader.
When his story goes on to describe a time when he glimpsed into heaven, into Jesus’s garden, it highlights the power of faith and hope.

His strong imagination and gift for using words, especially through poetry, clearly give him a release, a freedom that he cannot experience physically.

Central to his life is also his family, such a close unit. His Haikus, one for each family member, made me cry, each skilfully crafted and clearly written from the heart.

Jonathan is an astonishing, heartwarming, inspiring character. Thank you for writing this book.

Eye Can Write, by Jonathan Bryan, is available here.

I first came across Jonathan on the Christian Book Blub podcast. The interview is well worth a listen – https://christianbookblurb.podbean.com/e/ep28-jonathan-bryan/