Write It On Their Hearts – Chris Swain

‘Being a parent is such an important job’ … sorry if it seems a bit pretentious to quote my own writing, but I wrote this in my novel “Beneath The Tamarisk Tree” as words spoken by Jesus to a rejected child, highlighting His heart for children. That they should be loved, nurtured and encouraged in every way possible.

As a Foster carer, I have seen too often when parenting has gone wrong, and the lifelong impact it can have.

So this is an amazing and important resource for all parents, especially those wanting to encourage their children to find their own faith and follow Jesus.

It includes plenty of sound advice as to how to guide and encourage our children, build a relationship with them so that they can become strong in their personal relationship with Jesus.

It is easy to read, very insightful and packed with biblical truths and references as well as some quite radical and counter-cultural tools and plans that will really help to model and instil godly relationships.
At the end of each chapter the “write it on their hearts” section summarises the chapter well, with practical steps to take to implement the teaching within your family. Practical advice on key spiritual aspects like prayer, reading the bible and hearing from God, and great advice on topics like time, discipleship and especially good about resting together, enjoying Sabbath time together.

Parents will find it helpful, challenging, real and not with ‘out-of-reach’ ambitions… just good solid teaching.

The end of the book also includes some very helpful planning tools, helping you to lay down weekly, monthly or annual plans that will enable your family to build their relationship with God and with each other.

Write It On Their Hearts, by Chris Swain, is available here.

I received a complimentary advance copy of this book from the publisher, but was under no pressure to provide a favourable review.