The Dead Don’t Dance – Charles Martin

I only got halfway through this novel before I placed an order for the sequel. Charles Martin writes so well and I knew it was a story I needed to read to completion. Although it does work fine as a standalone read, and what a great read it is.

The Christian content is a lighter touch than some Christian novels, in that it is not front and centre. But it is certainly an underlying theme and is handled in a true-to-life way. It is inevitable that faith can be a huge struggle when we are facing some of the torments that life can throw at us.

Having said that, this is a story of a man battling through an horrendous personal tragedy, hitting some desperate lows, but finding a way through it to a point where he can see his life progressing. Hope wins through, with God’s hand clearly guiding the characters through their situations.

And Charles Martin does create some intriguing characters, many of whom are people you would like to have around you, or you would like to emulate. They help to restore your faith that there really are some great people around.

Now on to the sequel…

The Dead Don’t Dance, by Charles Martin, is available here.