Dream Small – Seth Lewis

In all walks of life there is an underlying attitude that ordinary is dull, second best or worthless. Glory is given to those who are exceptional, rightly so, but only very few people are ever in that category. So for us ordinary folk, how does that make us feel?

It is very easy for the majority of us to feel inadequate in so many ways, but in this book Seth encourages us to realign our ambitions to what actually matters. I do love the subtitle to the book “The Secret Power of the Ordinary Christian Life”. It sums up the truth that we all have power, and in fact what the world may see as ordinary, is actually impactful, effective, works out God’s plan and is powerful. Now that is encouraging!

The book’s focus is on what really matters, not what matters to the world. What matters to God brings us a true contentment. In reading it I gained a sense of perspective on my own place in the cosmos, knowing that we have a God who knows us and loves us, even in our ‘smallness’.

Sometimes the book is refreshingly simple, reminding us that goodness does not have to be complicated, that the simple things in life are often the most rewarding and that our call is not to be busy, rich or famous but it is simply to be … to be ourselves … to be a child of God. That none of us are too small, insignificant or ordinary for the Creator of the universe to love and cherish.

It will help to reposition our perspective on the lives we lead, in the context of eternity and the example that Jesus gave us, and the priorities He highlighted. How we should serve as He did. That is what counts. It is the sort of teaching that will lead us, and our churches, to observe the needs around us and build a missional focus, to reach out to our communities to serve. A very healthy outcome.

The book is full of lovely basic truths being whispered in your ear as you read, that will bring you the peace you deserve. You will be reminded of the value of humility and the importance of individuals. Yes, this book will make people feel good about themselves, but that is not it’s purpose. It is a book that helps you know your true value. That you are of most value to the One who created you.

Seth writes with a lovely relaxed writing style, which is quite charming. There is a special clarity in his explanation of the fall and its implications for us, as well as his explanation of the gospel, and the text is often pulled back to scripture for guidance and support.

Dream Small, by Seth Lewis, is available here.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, but was under no pressure to provide a favourable review.